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Krookan maisemahistoriallinen selvitys 8/2010
Merikarvia - experiences by sea and river
Info > Merikarvia - experiences by sea and river
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Merikarvia - experiences by sea and river

Merikarvia – Memorable experiences by sea and river
River and sea provide many possibilities for spending holiday at the scenic Merikarvia. The municipality of Merikarvia is located by Gulf of Bothnia, about 8 kilometres of the highway E8. The nearest cities, Pori on the south side and Kristiinankaupunki on the north side, are both 57km away from the centre of Merikarvia. The harbour of Merikarvia, Krookka, is full of happenings in summer. From the smokehouses at the shore it is possible to buy fresh and smoked fish, salmon, Baltic herring or whitefish, all-day long.
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 Merikarvian kunta • Kauppatie 40, 29900 Merikarvia • puh. 044 7246 333 •